Table II.

Functional classification of constitutively expressed genes not expressed in pollen

Of the 283 genes identified as constitutively expressed in the vegetative tissues, 104 are called Absent in pollen. These 104 genes are classified based on established as well as putative functions. For each functional category, the number of genes is given in brackets, and each gene is given by its TAIR locus identifier (if no locus is associated, only the Affymetrix probe set is given. Genes in each category were ranked by highest negative fold change (see Supplemental Table II for more details).

Protein biosynthesis (29)
    At2g34480, At1g43170, At4g11050, At2g09990, At4g27090, At1g34030, At1g67430, At1g09690, At1g70600, At2g39460, At4g34670, At2g19730, At4g16720, At3g49010, At2g25210, At3g52580, At1g27400, At4g14320, At2g18020, At3g47370, At4g00100, At2g36160, At1g72370, At2g19750, At4g26230, At2g33370, At2g40510, At2g31610, At4g18730
Metabolism (28)
    At2g25450, At1g04410, At3g61440, At2g26670, At4g21960, At5g35630, At2g28000, At5g43940, At2g30860, At2g31570, At3g58610, At4g23860, At5g04590, At2g30490, At1g70310, (12881_s_at), At1g53240, At1g50480, At2g13360, At4g09320, At5g39950, At2g30870, At2g43090, At5g60920, (20709_s_at), At1g65960, At1g75330, At2g36580
Water channel (8)
    At2g37170, At3g53420, At3g26520, At3g61430, At4g35100, At2g45960, At4g23400, At2g36830
Signal transduction (6)
    At5g10450, At2g42590, At5g55190, At5g42080, At1g02130, At5g38480
Stress response (5)
    At1g47128, At4g24190, At1g20620, At1g20440, At2g02130
Transcriptional regulation (5)
    At3g16770, At2g32080, At4g40060, At2g33340, (18032_i_at)
Translational regulation (4)
    At3g04730, At1g30230, At1g09640, At2g22670
    At2g27020, At1g13060, At4g26840 (proteolysis); At5g49720, At4g19410 (cell wall biosynthesis and regulation); At3g06720, At2g14720 (protein transport); At4g30270 (senescence); At5g12250 (cytoskeleton); At1g04400 (phototropism); At5g40890 (ion transport)
Unknown (8)
    At2g41430, At3g15353, (12847_at), At1g13930, At4g36040, At2g35810, At4g16520, At1g14910