Table I.

Type II NAD(P)H dehydrogenase genes of Arabidopsis

Gene Locus Accession No. Protein Lengtha
nda1 At1g07180 NM_100592b 510
nda2 At2g29990 AC004680c 508
ndb1 At4g28220 NM_118962b 571
ndb2 At4g05020 AY039856b 582
ndb3 At4g21490 AL161555c 581
ndb4 At2g20800 AC006234c 582
ndc1 At5g08740 NM_120955b 519
  • a Length of proteins are given in amino acid residues without considering putative posttranslational processing. b cDNA sequences. c Genomic DNA sequences.