Table I.

Maize inbred germplasm used in experiments

Inbred Name Original Seed Sourcea Bruthell Lab Accession No. Originb Subpopulationc
A272 Buckler 3-A272-3 DC01-008 South Africa ST
B14A Goodman 496-3/99 DC01-081 CCB-B14 SS
B37 Goodman 497-2/99 DC01-082 CCB-B37 SS
B73 Goodman 504-2/99 DC01-084 CCB-B73 SS
B97 Buckler 95-B97-3 DC01-006 CCB NSS
CI187 Buckler 38-CI187-2 DC01-003 CCB NSS
CM37 Burr 000641-6(X) DC01-024 NCB NSS
CML333 Buckler 30-CML333-3 DC01-007 International Center for Development of Maize and Wheat (Mexico) ST
D940Y Buckler 39-D940Y-1 DC01-002 South Africa ST
EP1 Goodman 571-2/99 DC01-107 NCB NSS
F2 Goodman 572-3/99 DC01-108 NCB NSS
H99 Goodman 584-3/99 DC01-114 CCB NSS
I205 Goodman 592-1/99 DC01-118 CCB NSS
IA2132 Goodman 593-3/99 DC01-119 Sweet corn NSS
IDS28 Goodman 596-3/99 DC01-120 Popcorn NSS
IL101 Goodman 594-3/99 DC01-122 Sweet corn NSS
KUI2007 Goodman 7753-3/98 DC01-130 Suwan (Thailand) ST
KUI21 Goodman 7744-1/98 DC01-127 Suwan (Thailand) ST
KY21 Goodman 605-3/99 DC01-131 United States (South) NSS
MO17 Goodman 614-3/99 DC01-134 CCB-C103 NSS
N28Ht Goodman 633-3/99 DC01-137 CCB-SSS SS
NC260 Goodman 2680-1/99 DC01-141 CCB NSS
NC348 Buckler 92-NC348-3 DC01-010 Tuxpeno/Caribbean ST
OH43 Goodman 657-3/99 DC01-153 CCB-OH43 NSS
P39 Goodman 663-3/99 DC01-155 Sweet corn NSS
PA91 Goodman 664-3/99 DC01-156 CCB NSS
T232 Goodman 691-2/99 DC01-162 South Africa NSS
TX601 Buckler 71-TX601-4 DC01-009 Tuxpeno ST
W153R Goodman 714-3/99 DC01-171 CCB NSS
W22 Kermicle TB97-161 NCB NSS
  • a Seed Sources: Ed Buckler (Cornell University), Major Goodman (North Carolina State University), Ben Burr (Brookhaven National Laboratory), and Jerry Kermicle (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

  • b Origins: CCB, Central Corn Belt (United States); NCB, Northern Corn Belt (United States and Canada). Information provided by Major Goodman

  • c Subpopulations: ST, SS, and NSS. Group assignments according to Remington et al. (2001), except for CM37, TX601, and W22 (J. Liu, personal communication)