Table I.

Disease severity for different Arabidopsis lines with pre-exposure to bacterial VOCs (lower nos. indicate fewer symptomatic leaves) Arabidopsis lines include: Col-0 (wild type), Ein2 (ethylene insensitive), Coi1 (jasmonic acid insensitive), NahG (degrades SA), Cpr1 (constitutively produces salicylic acid), and Npr1 (SA insensitive or nonexpresser of PR genes). Induced pathogen resistance with GB03 VOC exposure is lost only in the Ein2 line. Arabidopsis seedlings were infected with E. carotovora subsp. carotovora strain SCC1. Different letters indicate significant differences between treatments for a given plant line according to lsd at P = 0.05.

Treatments Disease Severity Measured by Symptomatic Leaves per Seedling
Col-0 Ein2Coi1 NahG Cpr1Npr1
GB03 2.3b 4.5b 3.2b 0.9a 1.5a 0.3a
IN937a 1.3a 2.4a 1.8a 2.7a 1.2b 2.2b
DH5α 3.3c 4.4b 4.3c 4.4b 4.4c 4.6c
Water control 4.2c 5.0b 4.8c 4.7b 3.5c 4.4c