Table I.

Complementation tests of Arabidopsis sre2, aba, and aao3 mutants

Cross (Female × Male)GenerationTotal Seeds SownGerminatedχ2
sre2-1/sre2-1 × sre2-2/sre2-2F1154135
sre2-1/sre2-1 × ColF21,3773046.26
sre2-2/sre2-2 × ColF21,4443590.015
sre2-1/sre2-1 × aba1-1/aba1-1F11070
sre2-1/sre2-1 × aba2-1/aba2-1F11120
sre2-1/sre2-1 × aba3-1/aba3-1F11130
sre2-1/sre2-1 × aao3-1/aao3-1F18974
sre2-2/sre2-2 × aao3-1/aao3-1F18571
  • Complementation tests were done by analyzing intercrosses among sre2, aba, and aao3 homozygous mutants. The first individual of each cross acted as female. F1 and F2 seeds were scored for germination in 150 mm NaCl 5 d after sowing.