Table I.

Statistical analyses of the root-associated APase activity experiments

VariableComponents of VarianceError dfF Value
Root-associated APase
    pup3 versus ColGenotype6820.52*
P treatment40.05*
Genotype × P treatment0.78
    pup1 versus WSGenotype6428.73*
P treatment41.15*
Genotype × P treatment0.58
Root P concentration
    pup3 versus ColGenotype610.10
P treatment116.47*
Genotype × P treatment0.11
    pup1 versus WSGenotype620.17
P treatment18.87*
Genotype × P treatment0.89
Shoot P concentration
    pup3 versus ColGenotype630.28
P treatment158.90*
Genotype × P treatment0.02
    pup1 versus WSGenotype640.82
P treatment30.28*
Genotype × P treatment0.17
  • ANOVA was carried out on root-associated APase activity measurements (Fig. 2B) as well as the P concentrations of tissues used in these experiments. Replication effects were not significant for root-associated APase activity after transformation (measurements were expressed as a percentage of that replication's average +P control). Replication effects were insignificant for the P concentration data sets without transformation and as such were eliminated as components of variance. df, degrees of freedom.

  • * P < 0.0001.