Table II.

Parental values, ranges and heritabilities in the Ler × Sha RILs of all measured traits

TraitLer valueSha valueRangeMeanHeritability
Seed weight (mg)0.0180.0170.014–0.0230.018nd
Total leaf area1 (mm2)13015348–3651610.65
Total leaf area2 (mm2)436551155–13195550.71
Total leaf area3 (mm2)21912556576–741827030.78
Relative growth rate 2-1(area)0.30.320.22–0.360.31nd
Relative growth rate 3-2(area)–0.320.26nd
Relative growth rate 3-1(area)–0.330.28nd
Dry weight young plant (mg)–83.50.68
Dry weight old plant (mg)37469–74330.74
Relative growth rate (weight)0.340.320.15–0.350.28nd
Water content (%)8989.485.1–
Specific leaf area (−1)17516090–350162nd
Speed of leaf initiation13148–1913.7nd
Chlorophyll fluorescence0.720.710.65–0.750.710.53
Flowering time SD (days)33.23221–48.735.30.86
Flowering time LD (days)25.228.821.3–46.329.30.83
Total leaf number7.99.56.6–
Rosette leaf number67.74.8–
Cauline leaf number1.91.81.3–
Total plant length (cm)17.537.411–50.426.70.85
Plant length till 1st silique (cm)7.48.74–
Inflorescence length (cm)10.128.77–29.317.20.80
Number of side branches1.92.40.4–3.91.830.33
  • nd, not determined because only one replica per line was analyzed.