Table II.

Fifteen of our TF genes showed different in ORF sequences from previously reported cDNA submission

FamiliesLocus IDOld Acc.New Acc.ORF in bpDifferences (New VS old)
C2H2 (Zn)At1g03840BT006209AJ6304761,5211,5156 bp deleted at 1511
bHLHAt1g26260RAFL 16–92-I23AJ6304831,1731,020153 bp deleted at 178
C2H2 (Zn)At1g34790ATH318491AJ6304779129093 bp deleted at 219
C2H2 (Zn)At1g72050RAFL 09–22-M23AJ6304789751,2399 bp omitted and 273 bp added from codon 1
SBPAt1g76580RAFL 08–16-H24AJ6305031,4671,51043 bp added at 1,440
SBPAt2g42200RAFL 04–13-I11AJ6288641,1281,1379 bp added at 824
C2H2 (Zn)At3g13810RAFL 09–12-L04AJ6305041,5421,5519 bp added at 1752
MYBAt3g46590RAFL 07–12-A13AJ6304759391,6593 bp deleted at 81, 6 bp deleted and 729 bp added at 933
bHLHAt3g61950RAFL 19–75-M14At3g619509241,077153 bp added from codon 1
HMGAt4g11080AY133687AJ6304851,3411,35312 bp added at 90
WRKY (Zn)At4g26640RAFL 07–10-M14AJ6304791,4581,67412 bp omitted and 228 bp added from codon 1
bHLHAt4g29930RAFL 17–41-A21AJ63048276579289 bp deleted and 116 bp added at 676
WRKY (Zn)At5g22570RAFL 21–21-O16AJ6304808708673 bp deleted at 677
C3H-type2 (Zn)At5g46730RAFL 15–50-L08AJ63050287381360 bp deleted at 586
C2H2 (Zn)At5g54630RAFL 09–11-B05AJ6305011,419593826 bp deleted at 568
  • 1 Nucleotide positions counted from the A of translation initiation codon.

  • 2 This 9-bp sequence was not found in the Arabidopsis genome database.