Table I.

Arabidopsis genome functional annotation statistics as of March 4, 2004

Number of AnnotationsNumber of Genes Annotateda
Functional annotations made by TAIR and TIGRb121,93328,331
Biological process annotations:
    Total annotated39,19627,469
Molecular function annotations:
Cellular component annotations:
    Total annotated33,43826,703
Functional annotations made by TAIRb85,66626,624
    TAIR GO annotationsb84,70830,063
    TAIR computational annotations to GO50,97519,218
    TAIR manual annotations to GOb33,73320,260
    TAIR annotations to anatomy and temporal ontology958443
    TAIR annotations to anatomy ontology867423
    TAIR annotations to temporal ontology9176
  • a Numbers include annotations to genetic loci that have not been sequenced. This leads to a higher total number of genes than that predicted from the genome sequence.

  • b Numbers include annotations to unknown terms.

  • n/a, Not applicable.