Table II.

Cluster of genes with expression levels correlating with T6P levels

AffymetrixTPS/wtTPP/wttre/sorbsuc/sorbAGI TAIR May-03TAIR May 2003
15616_s_at30.4100.976.6At1g21250Wall-associated kinase 1; expressed in leaves and stems & induced by pathogen infection (PMID:10380805)
17917_s_at2.50.515.645.1At2g41090Calmodulin-like calcium binding protein (CaBP-22); identical to calmodulin-like calcium-binding protein (CABP-22) (Arabidopsis)
14763_at2. kinase family; contains protein kinase domain, Pfam:PF00069
12880_at1. protein; similar to AIG2 protein GB:P54121 from (Arabidopsis)
20570_at1. phosphatase, putative; similar to trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase (AtTPPB) (Arabidopsis) GI:2944180; contains Pfam profile PF02358: Trehalose-phosphatase
17045_at2.20.55.12At1g78090Trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase (TPPB); identical to trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase (AtTPPB) GI:2944180 (Arabidopsis)
17901_at2.30.542At2g44670Senescence-associated protein -related; similar to senescence-associated protein SAG102 (GI:22331931) (Arabidopsis);
18003_at1. resistance protein (TIR class), putative; domain signature TIR exists, suggestive of a disease resistance protein.
16140_s_at1. kinase 2; induced by salicylic acid or INA (PMID:10380805)
16413_s_at2.30.93254.5At4g39210Glc-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase, large subunit 3 (ADP-Glc pyrophosphorylase) (APL3); identical to SP|P55231
13807_at2.40.830.6At2g47560Hypothetical protein
19297_at4. zinc finger protein; PBF protein, Triticum aestivum, EMBL:AJ012284
13978_at1. protein; similar to yeast hypothetical protein SP|P53965|YND2_YEAST
12752_s_at1., putative; identical to peroxidase (Arabidopsis) gi|1402904|emb|CAA66957
12790_s_at1.40.621.4At4g22690Cytochrome P450 family; flavonoid 3′,5′-hydroxylase Hf1, Petunia x hybrida, PIR2:S38985
15162_at1.80.820.8At3g04720Hevein-related protein precursor (PR-4); identical to hevein-like protein precursor GB:P43082 (Arabidopsis), similar to wound-induced protein (WIN2) precursor GB:P09762 (Solanum tuberosum); Pfam HMM hit: chitin_binding proteins
15680_s_at1.5123.4At3g08720Ribosomal-protein S6 kinase (ATPK19)-related; identical to putative ribosomal-protein S6 kinase (ATPK19) GB:D42061 (Arabidopsis) (FEBS Lett. 358 (2), 199–204 (1995))
15124_s_at4. stress-induced Pro dehydrogenase (pro1); annotation temporarily based on supporting cDNA gi|1778014|gb|U59508.1|ATU59508
17636_at1. protein
13598_at1. GPI-anchored protein; annotation temporarily based on supporting cDNA gi|26450295|dbj|AK117608.1|
12270_at1. protein kinase, putative; similar to receptor protein kinase (Ipomoea trifida) gi|836954|gb|AAC23542; contains S-locus glycoprotein family domain, Pfam:PF00954
13880_s_at1.711.61.7At4g25900Aldose 1-epimerase family; similar to apospory-associated protein C; APOC (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii) GI:6970044 Pfam profile PF01263: Aldose 1-epimerase
19789_at2.31.11.520.9At4g17770Trehalose phosphatase family; contains Pfam profile: PF02358 trehalose-phosphatase
17522_at1. P450 91A1; Identical to Cytochrome P450 (SP:Q9FG65) (Arabidopsis);
16949_s_at1. domain containing protein
16614_s_at30.71.49.9At1g24260MADS-box protein; strongly similar to GB:O22456, MADS-box protein, Location of EST gb|H37053
13550_at1. kinase -related protein; Ser/Thr kinase, Brassica oleracea
16162_s_at1. protein, BELL1 (BEL1)
12286_s_at1. protein kinase KIN11 (AKIN11); identical to protein kinase AKin11 GI:1729444 from (Arabidopsis)
14730_s_at1. decarboxylase 2 (GAD 2); similar to Glu decarboxylase (gad) GI:294111 from (Petunia hybrida)
17865_at1.411.21.4At1g75280Isoflavone reductase, putative; identical to SP|P52577 Isoflavone reductase homolog P3 (EC 1.3.1.-) {Arabidopsis}; contains Pfam profile PF02716: isoflavone reductase
12763_s_at1. protein (GRP); identical to Gly-rich protein; atGRP (GI:259447) (Arabidopsis)
18222_at1. family transcription factor; contains a bZIP transcription factor basic domain signature (PDOC00036)
12052_at2. protein; hypothetical protein, Picea mariana, AF051204
17423_s_at1.711.12.5At2g27190Iron(III)-zinc(II) purple acid phosphatase (precursor); identical to iron(III)-zinc(II) purple acid phosphatase (precursor) SP:Q38924 from (Arabidopsis)
  • Clustering of microarray data with MAS5 gave a cluster of 43 genes with expression correlating with T6P levels in plants with altered T6P by way of E. coli enzyme expression. This table consists of genes from this cluster that are also induced by trehalose compared to sorbitol feeding. Annotation of the Affymetrix probe sets was using the TAIR ftp file from May 2003. TPS/wt, ratio of expression means from TPS-expressing seedlings and wild type; TPP/wt, ratio of expression means from TPP-expressing seedlings and wild type; tre/sorb, ratio of expression means from wild-type seedlings on trehalose versus sorbitol; suc/sorb, ratio of expression means from wild-type seedlings on Suc versus sorbitol.