Table I. Detection of known NF-induced genes in this study and in recent transcriptomic analyses

Values correspond to the regulation levels (fold change) following NF treatment for the indicated times or S. meliloti inoculation at 5 d post inoculation (RH-5dpi; skl mutant background), determined in this study versus previous studies: a, Rose et al. (2012); b, van Zeijl et al. (2015); c, Czaja et al. (2012); and d, Breakspear et al. (2014). For entries in parentheses, differences were not statistically significant (adjusted P > 0.05). ART, All root tissues from whole root systems (a) or 1- to 2-cm-long root segments (b and c); NA, not applicable (no corresponding gene in the M. truncatula genome sequence used); NF, RNAseq reads were detected only in the NF-treated samples.

Mt20120830MtV4.0AnnotationLCM-4hLCM-24hART-1h (a)ART-3h (b)ART-6h (c)ART-24h (c)RH-24h (d)RH-5dpi (d)Gene Reference
Mt0004_00313Medtr1g056530MtNF-YA13513.9NF294.71.94.553.7557.7Laloum et al. (2014)
Mt0017_10456Medtr3g415670MtENOD112560.1NFNA1,915.08.129.6166.0759.6Journet et al. (2001)
Mt0039_00030Medtr1g090807MtRPG526.0NFNA372.320.123.178.7121.8Arrighi et al. (2008)
Mt0006_10188Medtr3g086320MtNPLNFNF1,456. et al. (2012)
Mt0017_10454Medtr3g415650MtENOD12NF(NF)NA96.968.4469.2Journet et al. (1994)
Mt0012_10641noneMtENOD40-1339.210.2NANA21.8127.2Fang and Hirsch (1998)
Mt0037_10123Medtr8g038210MtAnn1319.331.697.5306.3de Carvalho et al. (1998)
Mt0010_00289Medtr5g083030MtPUB1106.910.79.614.314. et al. (2010)
Mt0005_10038Medtr5g005290Mt NMN1104.8NF1,090.518.712.036.840.3Libault et al. (2011)
Mt0001_00292Medtr4g129010MtSPK152.313.2228.210.54.864.968.5Andrio et al. (2013)
Mt0001_00813Medtr4g116990MtNFH134.9NFNA40.0Tian et al. (2013)
Mt0010_01109Medtr5g099060MtNIN23.816.52.513.810.316.434.0116.8Marsh et al. (2007)
Mt0033_10061Medtr6g027840MtVAPYRIN10.44.5NA81. et al. (2011)
Mt0011_00459Medtr7g085810MtERN1(0.97) et al. (2007)
Mt0033_10028Medtr6g029180MtERN2(1.22) et al. (2007)
Mt0028_00160Medtr8g020840MtNSP17. et al. (2005)
Mt0005_10559Medtr5g016320MtGH36.4(0.2)4.021.934.1Mathesius et al. (1998)
Mt0027_10212Medtr1g094960MtARF16a5. et al. (2014)
Mt0008_10953Medtr5g074860MtRIP13.22.9NA1.52.1Cook et al. (1995)