Table I.

Segregation analysis of the progeny of self-fertilized spds1-1/spds1-1 spds2-1/+, spds1-1/+ spds2-1/spds2-1, and spds1-1/spds1-1 spds2-1/spds2-1 containing one copy of the wild-type SPDS1 transgene

Parental GenotypeObserved SeedsNormal SeedsShrunken Seedsχ2
spds1-1/spds1-1 spds2-1/+395297980.0076
spds1-1/+ spds2-1/spds2-14543401140.0029
spds1-1/spds1-1 spds2-1/spds2-1 with a wild-type SPDS1 transgene4053021030.040
  • χ2 calculation is based on expected ratio of three wild-type and one shrunken seed phenotypes. The χ2 values indicate no significant deviation (P > 0.05) from the expected ratio.