Table I.

Genes included in transcriptome analysis

EnzymeEC No.aCAZy FamilybGenome LocusGene NamecTargetdAffy Signale
ADP-Glc pyrophosphorylase large subunit
ADP-Glc pyrophosphorylase large subunit
ADP-Glc pyrophosphorylase large subunit
ADP-Glc pyrophosphorylase large subunit*
ADP-Glc pyrophosphorylase small subunit2.7.7.27At5g48300APS1P701
ADP-Glc pyrophosphorylase small subunit-likeAt1g05610APS2P8*
Starch synthase I2.4.1.21GT5At5g24300STS1P320
Starch synthase II2.4.1.21GT5At3g01180STS2P122
Starch synthase III2.4.1.21GT5At1g11720STS3P144
Starch synthase IV2.4.1.21GT5At4g18240STS4P271
Granule-bound starch synthase2.4.1.21GT5At1g32900GBS1P603
Glucan synthase-likeGT5At5g65685GLS1(C)142
Starch branching enzyme I2.4.1.18GH13At3g20440SBE1P35*
Starch branching enzyme II2.4.1.18GH13At5g03650SBE2P282
Starch branching enzyme III2.4.1.18GH13At2g36390SBE3P379
Starch debranching enzyme: Isoamylase I3.2.1.68GH13At2g39930ISA1P164
Starch debranching enzyme: Isoamylase II3.2.1.68GH13At1g03310ISA2, DBE1P227
Starch debranching enzyme: Isoamylase III3.2.1.68GH13At4g09020ISA3P234
Starch debranching enzyme: Limit dextrinase3.2.1.142GH13At5g04360LDA1P124
Glucan water dikinase, SEX1P711
Glucan water dikinase-like 2At4g24450GWD2(C)52*
Glucan water dikinase-like 3At5g26570GWD3(P)494
Glucanotransferase (DPE1)
Transglucosidase (DPE2)GH77At2g40840DPE2C622
Glucan phosphorylase (plastidial)
Glucan phosphorylase (cytosolic),141
β-Amylase, BMY7(P)275
β-Amylase, BMY9(P)430
β-Amylase, BMY8, ctBMYP2,012
β-Amylase, BMY1, RAM1S139
β-Amylase, BMY3(C)246
α-Glucosidase-like 1GH31At3g23640AGL1(C)103
α-Glucosidase-like 2GH31At5g63840AGL2(S)220
α-Glucosidase-like 3GH31At3g45940AGL3(S)3
α-Glucosidase-like 5GH31At1g68560AGL5(S)260
Triose phosphate/Pi translocatorAt5g46110TPT1P3,454
Glc transporterAt5g16150GLT1P711
Maltose exporterAt5g17520MEX1P306
  • a EC numbers are omitted where there is appreciable doubt.

  • b CAZy families are available from

  • c Gene names have been adopted, or in some cases modified, to conform to a three-letter-one-number convention.

  • d Target indicates subcellular locations as: P, plastid; C, cytosol; S, secreted. Those in parentheses indicate uncertainty or are predicted based only on the gene sequence. Those assignments not in parentheses are supported by experimental evidence in Arabidopsis or for equivalent proteins in other species.

  • e Affy signal is the mean Affymetrix signal for all 11 time points for each gene in experiment 1. Those with asterisks have 6 or more time points with values below 50 and so are excluded from Figure 2A.