Table I.

Bacterial growth of different Pst in Arabidopsis leaves of wild-type Arabidopsis and hmp8 transgenic plants

TimeWild Type virWild Type avrBhmp8 avrBhmp8 avrB/hmpX
1 h2.33 (±1.14)2.2 (±0.67)2.00 (±0.76)1.57 (±0.77)
2 d2,700 (±361)152 (±47)170 (±53)267 (±76)
  • Leaves were pretreated with DEX 16 h before pathogen inoculation, infiltrated with 106 cfu mL−1 Pst, and harvested 1 h and 2 d after inoculation. Values ×104 represent means of cfu per cm2sd), each from five sets of three leaf discs. Experiments were repeated twice with similar results. vir, Virulent; avrB, avirulent; avrB/hmpX, avirulent expressing hmpX.