Table I.

Compilation of conducted tests to check whether the pig1-1 phenocopies one of the trp mutants

trp AlleleAffected GeneReferenceIdentified By
trp1-100Phosphoribosyl anthranilate transferase (PAT)Rose et al. (1992), Niyogi et al. (1993)UV-A fluorescence on 50 μm Trp/Phe/Tyr/PABAa
trp2-1Trp synthase βLast et al. (1991)Resistance to 50 μm 5-Methyl-Trpa, 50 Trp auxotrophy (±50 μm Trp)a
trp3-1Trp synthase αRadwanski et al. (1996)Resistance to 50 μm 5-methyl-Trpa, Trp auxotrophy (±50 μm Trp)a
trp5-1AS αLi and Last (1996)Resistance to 50 μm 5-methyl-Trpa
  • a The indicated substances were supplemented to half-strength MS, 2% Suc plates, and growth or UV fluorescence of the plantlets was scored after 21 d. Nonsupplemented plates served as controls.