Table II. Molecular evolutionary analysis of eukaryotic ODCs and LDCs
Modelts/tvaNo. of GenesNo. of Codon Sitesωb in the Background Branchesωb in the Foreground BranchesLog LikelihoodPPositively Selected Sitesc
Branch-site model1.7641566750.0941−48,716.1203Not applicable
1.7631566750.0941.43−48,714.14020.028112 (0.980)
344 (0.951)d
  • a Transversion:transition ratio.

  • b ω value is the ratio of nonsynonymous (amino acid replacing) substitution rate (Ka) over the synonymous (silent) substitution rate (Ks), Ka/Ks.

  • c The amino acid position is based on LaL/ODC amino acid numbering. The sites that have posterior probabilities > 0.9, by Bayes empirical Bayes analysis, are shown with the posterior probabilities in parentheses.

  • d Boldface numbers indicate positively selected sites (posterior probabilities > 0.95).