Table III. Putative cis-acting regulatory elements identified in the promoters of ReCHS1 and ReCHS2 using PLACE ( and PlantCare ( databases
cis-ElementGenePutative Function
CAAT boxReCHS-1, ReCHS-2Common cis-acting element in promoter and enhancer regions
GAG motifReCHS-1Part of a light-responsive element
CGTCA motifReCHS-1, ReCHS-2Cis-acting regulatory element involved in methyl jasmonate (MeJ) responsiveness
MBSReCHS-2MYB-binding site involved in drought inducibility
G boxReCHS-1, ReCHS-2Cis-acting regulatory element involved in light responsiveness
MBSIReCHS-2MYB-binding site involved in flavonoid biosynthetic gene regulation
MNF1ReCHS-1, ReCHS-2Light-responsive element
TGACG motifReCHS-1Involved in transcriptional activation of several genes by auxin and/or SA
Skn-1 motifReCHS-1, ReCHS-2Cis-acting regulatory element required for endosperm expression
O2 siteReCHS-2Cis-acting regulatory element involved in zein metabolism regulation
TC-rich repeatsReCHS-2Cis-acting element involved in defense and stress responsiveness
TATA boxReCHS-1, ReCHS-2Core promoter element around −30 of the transcription start
MREReCHS-1MYB-binding site involved in light responsiveness
TCA elementReCHS-2Cis-acting element involved in SA responsiveness
W boxReCHS-1, ReCHS-2Wound-responsive element
TCT motifReCHS-2Part of a light-responsive element
TGA elementReCHS-2Auxin-responsive element