Table III.

Potential gene-loss events in Arabidopsis and rice

Loss inFamily IDSpeciesaFamily SizebFunctionProbecEvolutionary Conservationd
Arabidopsis152611Unknown29729_1996.1Gossypium arboreum, grasses
Arabidopsis7748813Unknown3635_1091.1Gossypium hirsutum, Glycine max, Solanum tuberosum
Arabidopsis107771113Unknown29729_1339.1G. arboreum, G. max, Medicago truncatula
Arabidopsis1134378Unknown29729_2160.1G. arboreum, G. max, M. truncatula
Rice211867Unknown4513_12561.1Hordeum vulgare, Lycopersicon esculentum
Rice2431818Unknown4513_2513.1Triticum aestivum, H. vulgare
Rice344855Oxidoreductase, 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase family4577_13672.1Zea mays, Arabidopsis, Beta vulgaris
Rice356366Unknown132711_1331.1H. vulgare, Sorghum propinquum
Rice370578Unknown4565_16492.1T. aestivum, Z. mays
Rice530466Unknown4577_22894.1Z. mays, L. esculentum, G. max
Rice535767Ubiquitin family protein4513_2676.1H. vulgare, Arabidopsis, M. truncatula
Rice619078Unknown4577_1043.1Z. mays, Arabidopsis, G. max
Rice624877Unknown4513_12850.1T. aestivum, H. vulgare, Z. mays
Rice684056Brix domain-containing protein4513_1319.1T. aestivum, H. vulgare, Z. mays
Rice83731114Quinolinate phosphoribosyltransferase4558_2586.1T. aestivum, Z. mays, Sorghum bicolor
Rice957755MA3 domain-containing protein4513_5042.1T. aestivum, Z. mays, H. vulgare
Rice9601813Unknown4577_2849.1Z. mays, Arabidopsis, G. max
Rice1025556Temperature sensing protein related4558_5791.1T. aestivum, S. bicolor, Arabidopsis
Rice108291112Unknown4513_7620.1T. aestivum, H. vulgare, Z. mays
Rice1097555Unknown4513_5641.1T. aestivum, H. vulgare, Z. mays
Rice132421112Unknown4513_2178.1T. aestivum, H. vulgare, Z. mays
  • a The number of species in which the gene family was found.

  • b The total number of proteins assigned to this gene family.

  • c The protein ID of the probe that was used to search against the raw genomic BAC sequences (see text for details).

  • d A subset of taxa where the gene family was found.