Table III.

Effect of acetate and O2 on the lag of O2 evolution

Chlorophyll, 150 μg mL−1; light, 77 μE m−2 s−1. Other conditions as in Table I. The figures for respiration and photosynthesis are in micromoles of O2 mg−1 chlorophyll h−1. Average of four experiments ± se. Acetate had no effect on the level of ATP in the cells. The figures for the lag are normalized to the one of their control.

ControlControl + O240 μmAcetate 2 mmAcetate + O2
Lag, s(100)54 ± 6.1100 ± 578 ± 10
Respiration6.5 ± 1.8716.3 ± 2.4
O2 evolution34.1 ± 1.531.9 ± 1.3