Table I.

Comparison of cellular components of C. merolae and C. reinhardtii

C. merolaeC. reinhardtii
Cell diameter1–2 μm5–10 μm
Cell divisionBinary fissionEndospore division
    Double membrane bounded
        Chromosome number2019 (linkage groups)
        PloidyHaploidHaploid, diploid
        Genome size16.5 Mb100 Mb
        Telomeric repeatAATGGGGGGTTTTAGGG
        Chromatin, dispersed++
        Chromatin, condensed++
        Nuclear envelope++
        Nuclear pore++
        Metaphase chromosomesDispersedCondensed
        Mitotic spindle with microtubuleInternuclearInternuclear
        Number per cell11∼
        NucleoidsCentrally locatedCentrally located
        Genome size32,221 bpa15,758 bpb
        ShapeErythrocyte shapedOval, elongated, branching
        DynamicsBinary divisionDivision, fusion
        Number per cell11
        NucleoidsCentrally locatedDispersed
        Genome size149,987 bpc203,828 bpd
        ShapeSphericalCup shaped
        ThylakoidSingle layerDouble layer with glana
        EyespotNo2–4 layers
        DynamicsBinary divisionBinary division
        Starch granulesCytoplasmStroma
    Single membrane bounded
        Golgi apparatus110∼
        Microbody1A few
        Contractile vacuoleNo2
Cell motilityUnclearTwo flagella
Cell wallNo typical wallCellulosic wall
Sexual reproductionUnclearMating type +, −
Mating structureNo+
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  • d Maul et al. (2002).