Table II.

Molecular features of some insertional mutants

Data relative to the positions, gene prediction, and homologies of the loci affected are described based on version 2 of the JGI Chlamydomonas genome server. Localizations of the insertions are described as follows: first in bold, numbers of scaffold and gene ID (when predicted by JGI) separated by two dots; second in parentheses, the scaffold position of the insertion with ← or → symbols indicating left or right direction of the vector, respectively; and, finally, the linkage group of the scaffold (when known) in roman numerals. GenBank NCBI accession numbers of the genomic sequence that flanked the DNA marker integrations are indicated in parenthesis below the names of mutants. Additional information about the real or putative locus affected is given just for those that are interrupted by the insertion. Unknown protein refers to putative predicted genes.

MutantInsertion LocalizationPutative Genes AffectedNotes
DescriptionBiological Function
ON Phenotype
    7.91 (AY704181 and AY704182)2 (←25,100) and 801:C_8010002 (←5,710)Cnx2MoCo biosynthesis.Nitrate metabolismInsertion located at 1.5 kb of Cnx2
NI Phenotype
    177.1 (AY704202)86 (109200→)/IIINit2Major nitrate regulatory geneInsertion located around 2.5 kb of Nit2 gene
    257.67 (AY704210)2458:C_24580001 (274→)/IIINit2Major nitrate regulatory geneIn v.1 of JGI, insertion located around 15 kb of Nit2 gene (scaffold 17)
AI Phenotype
    13.10 (AY704183)3 (243,560→)/IIIEST presenceSame region as 22.82
    17.23 (AY704188)34 (←389,800)EST presence
    19.32 (AY704184)16 (←276,000)/XIIEST presence
    20.40 (AY704185)6:C_60145 (←1,340,280)/X–XVIIIUnknown protein (EST presence)
    20.73 (AY704186)65:C_650021 (291,300→)Homology with human guanylate cyclase (NP000848; 18,2% identity)Intracellular signaling cascade
    21.74 (AY704187)12:C_120097 (941,780→)Homology with Chlamydomonas protein kinase (AAF97501; 20% identity)Signal transduction mechanisms
    21.88 (AY704189)115:C_1150005 (←125,000)Dhc1Cytoskeleton
    21.90 (AY704190)73 (←214,370)/IX
    22.82 (AY704191)3 (←240,890)/IIISame region as 13.10
    25.38 (AY704192)291 (6500→)Entire sequence not available in JGI
    42.49 (AY704193)6:C_60013 (←1,139,060)/X–XVIIIUnknown protein (EST presence)
    47.72 (AY704194)140:C_1400012 (201,650→) and 2079 (2870→)Homology with human hsa:6421 SFPQ; splicing factor Pro/Gln rich (NP005057; 29% identity)mRNA maturingTwo scaffolds with very similar sequences
    54.10 (AY704195)48 (585,760→)/XIEST presenceSame region as 242.44
    85.37 (AY704196)49:C_490059 (79,700→)/XIIProtein with DNA-binding motif (BRIGHT/ARID domain)DNA bindingSame locus as 255.92 mutant
    106.13 (AY704197)112:C_1120009 (196,360→)Homology with EBNA-1 nuclear protein of human herpesvirus 4 (P03211; 18% identity)DNA binding
    106.20 (AY704198)48:C_480037 (560,410→)/XIHomology with Fkb2 of Arabidopsis; PPIase, FKBP-type, rotamase (Q38935; 52% identity)Protein folding: posttranslational modification, protein turnover, chaperonesRegion very close to those of 54.10 and 242.44 mutants. This mutant has also an ON phenotype
    146.43 (AY704200)92:C_920053 (←384,230)ArsEndogenous Ars gene promoter is affected
    169.84 (AY704201)11 (←580,870)/III
    207.31 (AY704203)80:C_800034 (←418,580 or ←425,460)/XUnknown protein (EST presence)Repetitive sequence in the same scaffold
    209.34 (AY704204)UnknownNo sequence available in JGI
    209.82 (AY704205)21:C_210095 and C_210005 (←1,044,850)/IX–XIVUnknown protein
    213.94 (AY704206)2: C_20351 (←743,360)/IIUnknown protein (EST presence)
    219.8 (AY704207)6:C_60085 (699,600→)/X–XVIIIHomology with putative plant mitochondrial carrier proteins (EST presence)Mitochondrial substrate carrier
    242.44 (AY704208)48:C_480041 (589,690→)/XIUnknown proteinSame region as 54.10 mutant
    255.92 (AY704209)49:C_490059 (←82,420)/XIIProtein with DNA-binding motif (BRIGHT/ARID domain)DNA bindingSame locus as 85.37 mutant
    258.90 (AY704211)156:C_1560006 (←15,250)Homology with a PPIase, cyclophilin type of Arabidopsis (Q42406; 46% identity)Protein folding: posttranslational modification, protein turnover, chaperones
    259.89 (AY704212)35:C_350113 (623,140→)/IHomology with ubiquitin-protein ligase genesProtein modification, ubiquitin cycle