Table I.

Various MAP genes and corresponding proteins in Arabidopsis

Gene NameaTAIR EntrybNo. of Open Reading Frame Codons (Size)cPercent Identity with MAP1Ad (MAP2B/MAP2A)Cellular Localization of the Proteina
MAP2AAt2g44180440 (49)<20d (100)Cytoplasm
MAP2BAt3g59990439 (49)<19d (86)Cytoplasm
MAP1AAt2g45240398 (44)100Cytoplasm
MAP1BAt3g25740369 (35)50Chloroplast
MAP1CAt1g13270344 (31)46Chloroplast, mitochondrion
MAP1DAt4g37040350 (33)48Chloroplast, mitochondrion
  • a Experimental data are from Giglione et al. (2000). Note the nomenclature used in this article was updated recently (Giglione et al., 2004).

  • b TAIR, The Arabidopsis Information Resource (

  • c Deduced protein size is expressed in kilodaltons and corresponds to that of the fully processed protein, taking into account NME and signal peptide cleavage as determined at

  • d < indicates that only local identity in the catalytic domain was obtained and that the value indicated corresponds to that of the highest value determined for 10 contiguous amino acids (for an alignment of MAP1 and MAP2, see Supplemental Fig. 1).