Table I.

Sequencing and contigging statistics of common bean ESTs

TissuesTotal No. of ESTs SequencedSequencing Success PercentageaGood-Quality ESTs Used for ContiggingbESTs in ContigsEST Singletons
Mesoamerican nodules4,63681.63,7452,4411,304
Mesoamerican pods3,66782.72,9511,9291,022
Mesoamerican roots4,32974.23,1651,7741,391
Mesoamerican leaves3,45678.22,6771,983694
Andean leaves (5′ and 3′)4,93867.03,2431,9511,292
Total ESTs21,02676.315,78110,0785,703
  • a Sequencing success was determined by removing low-quality or no-insert ESTs from the total number of ESTs sequenced.

  • b Clones that were identified as chimeric or alternative splice products were not included in contigging.