Table I.

Overview of the results obtained from AM transcriptome profiling

To study gene expression in AM, whole root systems of M. truncatula colonized with either G. mosseae or G. intraradices were harvested 4 weeks postinoculation. The table lists the number of probes with a log2 activation or repression ratio M larger than 1 or smaller than −1 (2-fold induction or repression), respectively, in relation to noninoculated reference samples grown under conditions of phosphate limitation. For each interaction, two independent biological replicates were studied. The values are based on probes in which at least 5 to 8 replicate spots remained after flagging for empty and poor spots and in which associated P-values were P < 0.05.

SamplesInduced ProbesRepressed Probes
M > 1Maximum MM < −1Maximum M
G. mosseae-colonized roots6545.85433−7.76
G. intraradices-colonized roots7577.21621−6.86