Table II.

Effects of the 5′-upstream sequences on translation efficiency

GUS activity in P. patens protoplasts that were transformed with respective plasmid is normalized with the coexpressed GFP. The GUS values are expressed in arbitrary unit, with setting the average values of expression driven by the TL-GUS as 100. Each value (±se) represents the average of three independent assays. N/A, Not applicable.

ConstructRelative GUS ActivityP Value
Experiment 1
    PpRPOT1u1-GUS0.85 ± 0.340.51
    PpRPOT1u2-GUS93.03 ± 21.850.02
    TL-GUS100 ± 24.770.02
    pUC180.67 ± 0.21N/A
Experiment 2
    PpRPOT2u1-GUS1.10 ± 0.040.76
    PpRPOT2u2-GUS12.40 ± 0.44<0.01
    TL-GUS100 ± 9.75<0.01
    pUC181.18 ± 0.09N/A