Table I.

Relative signal intensities and tissue biases for known Arabidopsis marker genes for xylem, phloem, or nonvascular peripheral cells

LocusGene SymbolDescriptionLog2 (X versus PC)aLog2 (X versus NV)Log2 (PC versus NV)Tissue Bias, This ReportPublished LocalizationReference
At4g18780IRX1Cellulose synthase catalytic subunit4.7*3.8*−0.9XXylem TEsGardiner et al. (2003)
At5g17420IRX3Cellulose synthase catalytic subunit4.1*4.1*0.0XXylem TEsGardiner et al. (2003)
At5g44030IRX5Cellulose synthase catalytic subunit4.0*4.1*0.1XXylem TEsGardiner et al. (2003)
At4g35350XCP1Cys proteinase6.8*6.2*−0.6XXylem TEsFunk et al. (2002)
At1g20850XCP2Cys proteinase6.2*6.5*0.3XXylem TEsFunk et al. (2002)
At5g57350AHA3Plasma membrane ATPase 3 (proton pump)−6.0*−1.24.8*PCPhloem CCsDeWitt and Sussman (1995)
At1g79430APLG2-like transcription factor−6.2*−1.44.8*PCPhloem SE/CCsBonke et al. (2003)
At1g05760RTM1Jacalin lectin family protein−4.2*1.55.8*PCPhloem SEsChisholm et al. (2001)
At1g22710SUC2Suc transporter/Suc-proton symporter−3.4*0.74.0*PCPhloem CCsStadler and Sauer (1996)
At1g12110NRT1.1/CHL1Nitrate/chlorate transporter−0.8−3.5*−2.6*NVEpidermis (hypocotyl guard cells)Guo et al. (2003)
At1g08090NRT2.1High-affinity nitrate transporter−1.3−6.1*−4.9*NVEndodermis, cortex, epidermisNazoa et al. (2003)
  • a Log2 of the signal ratio for the three pair-wise tissue comparisons (X versus PC, xylem versus phloem-cambium; X versus NV, xylem versus nonvascular, PC versus NV, phloem-cambium versus nonvascular), where a positive value indicates a higher signal for the first member of the pair-wise comparison and a negative value indicates a higher signal for the second member of the pair-wise comparison. Log2 values representing pair-wise comparisons between significantly different signals are indicated by a single asterisk. For reference: a log2 value of 4 is equivalent to a 16-fold difference between signals, while a log2 value of 6 is equivalent to a 64-fold difference between signals.