Table IV.

Relative signal intensities and tissue biases for selected genes involved in hormone metabolism or transport

LocusGene SymbolDescriptionLog2 (X versus PC)aLog2 (X versus NV)Log2 (PC versus NV)Tissue Bias, This ReportbRole in Hormone Metabolism/TransportReference
At2g38120AUX1Amino acid/auxin permease1.5*2.0*0.6XAuxin transportBennett et al. (1996)
At1g30040GA2OX2GA 2-oxidase3.6*4.6*1.1XGibberellic acid inactivation
At2g22330CYP79B3Cytochrome P450, converts Trp to IAOx−3.3*−0.92.4*PCAuxin biosynthesisHull et al. (2000)
At1g15550GA4GA 3-β-dioxygenase/GA 3-β-hydroxylase−3.5*0.84.4*PCGibberellic acid biosynthesisWilliams et al. (1998)
At5g19040IPT5Adenylate isopentenyltransferase 5/cytokinin synthase−6.0*−2.23.9*PCCytokinin biosynthesisTakei et al. (2004)
At3g63110IPT3Adenylate isopentenyltransferase 3/cytokinin synthase−1.22.0*3.2*X/PCCytokinin biosynthesisTakei et al. (2004)
  • a Log2 of the signal ratio for the three pair-wise tissue comparisons as described for Table I. Log2 values representing pair-wise comparisons between significantly different signals are indicated by a single asterisk.

  • b Abbreviations for tissue biases are as described for Tables I and II.