Table III.

Other Solanaceae resources available on the Web

More links can be found on SGN at (click on Solanaceae Resources).

Solanaceae in General
    Solanum sourceThe official Web site of the Solanum PBI project, containing species descriptions, specimen data from herbaria, nomenclature data about names and their places of publication, and a bibliography of scientific articles about members of the family
    Nijmegen Botanical and Experimental Garden Web siteA botanical garden with one of the major collections of Solanaceae plants; The Netherlands
    TIGR plant gene indicesTIGR ESTs and consensus sequences for plants including the Solanaceae; U.S.
    Kazusa Microtom SiteEST and unigene dataset from the Microtom tomato variety, including GO annotations and Pathway Viewer; Japan
    The Tomato Genetics CooperativeHomepage of the Tomato Genetics Cooperative with access to publications online
    TGRCLarge collection of Solanaceae germplasms, with a special focus on tomato; University of California, Davis, CA
    Genes that make tomatoesWeb site of a large-scale tomato mutagenesis and phenotyping project; Israel
    TEDSite dedicated to tomato microarrays, BTI; U.S.
    PoMaMo databasePotato genome and map data, including single-nucleotide polymorphism data, marker sequences, references, and more from the Max-Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research; Cologne, Germany
    Centro Internacional de la Papa (International Potato Center)The International Potato Center with potato-specific databases and resources such as the CIP Potato GenBank and the World Potato Atlas; near Lima, Peru
    Intergenebank for potatoA database containing accession data from different gene banks around the world, including an simple sequence repeat database; Peru
    Potatogenome.orgThe official Web site of the NSF potato genome project; U.S.
    KRIBB pepper resourcesA pepper EST database at KRIBB; Korea
    Embrapa Capsicum siteA site dedicated to pepper; Brazil
    Petuniaplatform.netA Web site dedicated to Petunia, with contacts, techniques, bibliography and other information; The Netherlands
    CoffeeDNAA site about coffee and coffee genomics. Login required for certain functions; Italy