Table I.

Quantification of TPIs isolated from leaf tissue of N. attenuata

The recovery of RP-HPLC purified TPIs was determined by protein assays, and the relative distribution of isoinhibitors was calculated from the yield of N-terminal sequencing signals. The TPIs were compared for MeJA-elicited and control plants of the Utah genotype, which produces TPIs (wild type), and the Arizona genotype, which had been transformed with the TPI precursor gene of the wild-type genotype under control of a constitutive promotor (S++).

Distribution of Isoinhibitors
GenotypeElicitationTotal TPI YieldIrregular ProcessingaTrimming Ratiob
μg g1 dry wt
Wild typeControl56 ± 100/093/7
MeJA370 ± 102481/1968/32
S++Control87 ± 400/0n.d.c
MeJA79 ± 300/0n.d.c
  • a The relative content of irregularly processed TPIs in total the TPI pool. Irregular processing was defined by unremoved LP at the N terminus (EEK- or EK- termini).

  • b The relative distribution of trimmed isoinhibitors. The trimming indicates one residue variability at the N terminus of irregularly (EEK- and EK- termini) and regularly processed (DRI- and RI- termini) TPIs.

  • c n.d., Not determined.