Table II.

Sugar composition (mg/g) of sugar beet CWM and the sugar beet residues obtained after alkaline extractions with NaOH

R-SB, Sugar beet residues.

Sugar beet CWM10022516222519145423713
R-SB (0.05 n, 4°C)8616714222722165427513
R-SB (0.05 n, 40°C)8020714222021206425313
R-SB (0.275 n, 40°C)7922917222420186324819
R-SB (0.5 n, 40°C)7523015220917195623819
R-SB (0.05 n, 65°C)6417117221221175928022
R-SB (0.275 n, 65°C)5220119222525206527223
R-SB (0.5 n, 65°C)4219314220523155734724
R-SB (0.05 n, 90°C)2858526633222452341
R-SB (0.275 n, 90°C)142202243518067565
R-SB (0.5 n, 90°C)111802312323069365