Table III.

Sugar composition (mg/g) of potato CWM and the potato residues obtained after alkaline extractions with NaOH

R-P, Potato residues.

Potato CWM10016213252261023428134
R-P (0.05 n, 4°C)8914611250291720531534
R-P (0.05 n, 40°C)7915613255351922935536
R-P (0.275 n, 40°C)7414310251301420636036
R-P (0.5 n, 40°C)7015910250271422237236
R-P (0.05 n, 65°C)7214010249331318136839
R-P (0.275 n, 65°C)5712710243381716147239
R-P (0.5 n, 65°C)4813010234401811953947
R-P (0.05 n, 90°C)3428012445185363470
R-P (0.275 n, 90°C)2615001545121774673
R-P (0.5 n, 90°C)2615001547131482673