Table I.

Assessment of the proportion and properties of the proteins in the collected experimental sets compared to the theoretical Arabidopsis proteome set

FP, Fluorescent protein-derived set; MS, mass spectrometry proteomics-derived set; SP, Swiss-Prot database-derived set; No. Proteins, Number of nonredundant proteins in each dataset; total ESTs, number of ESTs that align with the loci in Arabidopsis encoding these proteins; Av GRAVY, average GRAVY for the proteins in this set; Av pI, average pI of proteins in this set; Av MW, average Mr of proteins in this set. Numbers in brackets represent the protein set from the theoretical proteome with known ESTs.

CharacteristicsFPMSSwiss-ProtNonredundant TotalArabidopsis Nuclear Proteome
No. proteins9062,4461,8214,41829,156 (16,642)
Total ESTs16,83752,56732,28868,178156,787
Av GRAVY−0.33−0.24−0.23−0.27−0.32
Av pI7.
Av MW46,60049,20045,20048,60046,500