Table I.

Somatic HR in atrad51C and wild-type plants

Data are numbers of plants tested (n), total blue-stained recombination spots (N), and the mean number of spots per plant (M) of chromosomal recombination assays of wild-type and atrad51C plants under three different treatments.

Wild-Typeatrad51CFold Reduction
nNM (Enhancement)nNM (Enhancement)
No genotoxic stresses
Cisplatin treatment
DR50128526.3 (5.46)503687.36 (3.15)0.28
IR50156231.2 (4.38)503967.92 (2.02)0.25
Bleomycin treatment
DR50152130.4 (6.31)503787.56 (3.23)0.25
IR50167133.4 (4.68)503717.42 (1.89)0.22
  • a Results with the direct-repeat reporter line 1406.

  • b Results with the inverted-repeat reporter line 1415.