Table I.

Mutant lines

GeneGene CodeInsertion TypeMutant CollectionEcotypeLine IDMutant NameInsertion Positiona
ureaseAt1g67550T-DNASalkColN538002ure-15′ of base 3,909 (exon 18)
ureDAt2g35035T-DNASalkColN605718ureD-13′ of base 407 (exon 3)
ureDT-DNAGABI-KatCol399D03ureD-25′ of base 108 (intron 1)
ureFAt1g21840DsRIKENNössen15-1020-1ureF-13′ of base 600b
ureFDsRIKENNössen15-4563-1ureF-23′ of base 564b
ureGAt2g34470T-DNAGABI-KatCol294B06ureG-15′ of base 821 (exon 4)
ureGT-DNAGABI-KatCol386A08ureG-25′ of base 615 (intron 3)
ureGDsRIKENNössen16-2845-1ureG-35′ of base 572 (exon 3)
  • a Insertion position in the unspliced coding sequence of the respective gene, 5′ or 3′ of the last unaltered base.

  • b ureF does not contain introns.