Table IV.

Subcellular Mn distribution and half-life (t1/2) for Mn efflux in roots of barley genotypes differing in Mn efficiency

Thirteen-day-old plants were pregrown as described in “Materials and Methods.” The results are presented as average ± se (n = 5). Values with the same superscript letter were not significantly different between genotypes (P > 0.05).

GenotypeVacuoleCytoplasmCell Wall
Antonia83.4 ± 1.0b54.4 ± 1.4b12.9 ± 1.2a17.5 ± 1.9b4.1 ± 1.1a1.4 ± 0.4b
Vanessa92.8 ± 0.6a123.0 ± 20.1a4.8 ± 0.2b27.8 ± 4.2a1.7 ± 0.4b1.9 ± 0.8a