Table I.

Mutant and transgenic lines used in this study and functional properties of the proteins encoded by their wild-type alleles

MutantFunctional PropertiesReferences
fad2Endoplasmic reticulum-localized oleoyl-phosphatidylcholine desaturase, desaturates 18:1 to 18:2Miquel and Browse (1992)
fad3Endoplasmic reticulum-localized linoleoyl-phosphatidylcholine desaturase, desaturates 18:2 to 18:3Browse et al. (1993)
fad4Desaturates palmitate at sn-2 position of PG in plastidsBrowse et al. (1985)
fad5Desaturates palmitate at sn-2 position of MGDG in plastidsKunst et al. (1989)
fad6Plastid-localized oleoyl desaturaseFalcone et al. (1994)
fad7Plastid-localized linoleate desaturaseIba et al. (1993)
fad8Plastid-localized linoleate desaturaseGibson et al. (1994)
nho1 (gli1)Encodes glycerolkinase, converts glycerol to G3PEastmond (2004); Kang et al. (2003)
gly1Encodes G3Pdh, converts DHAP to G3PKachroo et al. (2004); Miquel (2003)
act1Encodes G3P acyltransferase, plastid localized, acylates 18:1 on G3P backboneKunst et al. (1988)
dgd1Plastid-localized galactosyltransferase; involved in synthesis of DGDG from MGDGDormann et al. (1995)
eds1Encodes lipase-like protein, involved in R gene- and SA-mediated signalingFalk et al. (1999)
pad4Encodes lipase-like protein, involved in SA-mediated signalingJirage et al. (1999)
eds5Encodes membrane-bound multidrug and toxin-extrusion protein transporter-like protein, involved in SA-mediated signalingNawrath et al. (2002)
ndr1Encodes plasma membrane-localized protein required for nonrace-specific disease resistance, involved in R gene-mediated signalingCentury et al. (1997)
sid2Encodes isochorismate synthase involved in biosynthesis of SAWildermuth et al. (2001)
nahGBacterial salicylate hydroxylase that converts SA to catacholYamamotoj et al. (1965)
npr1Encodes a protein containing an ankyrin repeat domain, a key positive regulator of SA signaling and systemic acquired resistanceCao et al. (1997); Ryals et al. (1997)