Table II.

Arabidopsis Genome Initiative (AGI) identification, sequence properties of introns, and number of ESTs of Arabidopsis profilin genes

The genomic distribution and structures of profilin genes were analyzed by NCBI Map Viewer ( AGI ID is the designation of the predicted genes that were given by the AGI. For example, the 1,976th annotated gene counting from the top of chromosome 2 is At2g19760. The number of ESTs was obtained from the NCBI Unigene ( and TIGR ( database.

GeneAGI IDLengthAU ContentNo. of ESTs
Intron IIntron IIIntron IIntron IINCBITIGR
PRF1 (PFN1)At2g197605069263.267.42223
PRF2 (PFN2)At4g2935047811164.466.72324
PRF4 (PFN3)At4g293402568570.367.124
PRF5 (PFN4)At2g1977026057567.770.202