Table IV.

Z scores for groups of genes selected based on putative function

A Z score of ≥2.0 or ≤−2.0 indicates that the gene group is represented at levels significantly above what would be expected by chance among up-regulated or down-regulated genes in inoculated roots, respectively.

Gene GroupsStage IStage IIStage IIIStage IV
1 hpi6 hpi12 hpi24 hpi48 hpi72 hpi
Defense and disease response3.0−3.7−3.20.6−6.0−1.9
Stress response2.00.9−0.3−0.5−1.7−2.4
Flavonoid biosynthesis0.
Cytoskeleton structure−−0.51.4
Ca2+ binding and storage3.5−3.9−1.70.6−0.80.7
Cell wall related2.−1.0
Protein kinases−−
Cell cycle0.
Chromosome organization−0.0−