Table II.

Lignin content and structure in extract-free and dry stems of control Col-0 and cosuppressed 13-week-old lines

The data represent the mean value (se in parentheses) of duplicate analyses. Plant material of cosuppressed plants was derived from pooled T2 lines V, VI, and VII (Fig. 3).

SampleKlason Lignin ContentThioacidolysis Yield
(H + G + S)%H%G%S
% by weightμmol g−1 Klason lignin
Col-018.48 (0.05)1,600 (90)0.7 (0.01)69 (0.3)30.3 (0.3)
Cosuppressed11.65 (0.11)220 (30)74 (1)13 (0.1)13 (0.1)