Table I.

Summary of B. oleracea and B. rapa fragment changes among the amphidiploid lines as compared with diploid progenitors

Total expected count is the number of polyploid fragments that are expected if fragments are conserved between the diploid and polyploid genomes. Note that because fragments are counted across all three enzymes, a single deletion and or insertion event may produce several fragment changes (see “Results”). The number of parental fragments lost may be greater than the number of nonparental fragments gained (given in parenthesis) because one genotype lost two parental fragments and simultaneously gained only one novel fragment for a particular probe.

Fragments Present in Both ParentsFragments Specific to B. oleraceaFragments Specific to B. rapaNovel Fragments
Total ExpectedTotal ObservedLoss (No Gain)Loss (Gain)Total ExpectedTotal ObservedLoss (No Gain)Loss (Gain)bTotal ExpectedTotal ObservedLoss (No Gain)Loss (Gain)Gain
HindIII, EcoRI, and DraI12,43612,43600 (0)22,58422,58400 (0)19,36319,329430 (30)16
HpaII3,1433,14030 (0)7,2666,94930215 (14)6,2586,03120918 (17)38
MspI5,1945,19400 (0)8,1326,94702 (2)5,9285,92800 (0)2