Table I.

SHMT activity in Arabidopsis leaf extracts

Total SHMT activity was assayed in leaf extracts from the wild type (Col-0), the shm1-1 mutant, two independent primary shm1-1-35S:SHM1 transformants (2T1 and 3T1), homozygous shm1-2, and F1 progeny from a cross between shm1-1 and shm1-2. Results represent the means of 12 replicates ±se that were obtained in four independent experiments.

Genetic BackgroundSHMT Activity
nmol mg−1 min−1
Col-01.64 ± 0.07
shm1-10.18 ± 0.01
2T11.60 ± 0.06
3T11.49 ± 0.08
shm1-20.20 ± 0.02
shm1-2 × shm1-10.22 ± 0.02