Table I.

Epicatechin and catechin content (milligrams per gram fresh weight tissue) of wild-type and transgenic plants from petal extracts

Quantitative determination of catechin and epicatechin content in tobacco flowers has been performed by HPLC. The eluate was monitored at 280 nm. Purified standards of catechin and epicatechin were used as controls. Data are the means ± sd of two replicates. N.D., Not detected.

VvMYB5a line AN.D.10.05 ± 0.56a
VvMYB5a line BN.D.11.22 ± 0.47a
VvMYB5a line CN.D.9.35 ± 0.64a
Wild-type plantsN.D.1.18 ± 0.43
  • a Significantly different from wild type (P < 0.005; Student's t test).