Table III.

Keracyanin content (milligrams per gram dry weight tissue) of wild-type and transgenic plants from stamen and petal extract

Quantitative determination of keracyanin content in tobacco flowers has been performed by HPLC. The eluate was monitored at 521 nm. A purified standard of keracyanin was used as a control. Data are the means ± sd of four replicates. N.D., Not detected.

VvMYB5a line A3.81 ± 0.412.20 ± 0.05a
VvMYB5a line B3.54 ± 0.392.02 ± 0.04a
VvMYB5a line C3.42 ± 0.311.99 ± 0.12a
Wild-type plantsN.D.1.18 ± 0.42
  • a Significantly different from wild type (P < 0.01; Student's t test).