Table I.

TF families in AtTFDB

The main queries used to initially identify and classify TFs into different families are mentioned in the third column. Subsequent addition of members was done from the literature. Zn, Zinc.

TF FamilyNo. of Members in AtTFDBMembers Initially Identified by:
AB13VP120Identify domain and BLAST
Alfin-like7Iterative BLAST
AP2-EREBP128Identify domain and BLAST
ARF24Identify domain and BLAST
ARID9Identified in literature
ARR-B15Identify domain and BLAST
AtRKD5Identified in literature
BBR/BPC7Identified in literature
bHLH162Iterative BLAST
bZIP73TAIR Web site
BZR6Identified in literature
C2C2 (Zn) CO-like30Identify domain and BLAST
C2C2 (Zn) Dof36Identify domain and BLAST
C2C2 (Zn) GATA29Identify domain and BLAST
C2C2 (Zn) YABBY6Identify domain and BLAST
C2H2107Iterative BLAST
C3H163Iterative BLAST
CAMTA6Identified in literature
CCAAT-Dr12Identified in literature
CCAAT-HAP210Identify representative protein and BLAST
CCAAT-HAP310Identify representative protein and BLAST
CCAAT-HAP513Identify representative protein and BLAST
CPP (Zn)8Iterative BLAST
E2F-DP8Identified in literature
EIL6Iterative BLAST
G2-like40Identify domain and BLAST
GeBP16Identify representative protein and BLAST
GRAS33Identify domain and BLAST
GRF9Identify representative protein and BLAST
Homeobox89Identify domain and BLAST
HRT3Identified in literature
HSF21Identify domain and BLAST
MADS110Iterative BLAST
MYB138TAIR Web site
MYB related21Iterative BLAST
NAC90Identify domain and BLAST
NLP7Identified in literature
PHD11Identified in literature
RAV11Identified in literature
REM21Identified in literature
SBP16Identify domain and BLAST
TCP26Iterative BLAST
Trihelix29Iterative BLAST
TUB10Identify representative protein and BLAST
VOZ-92Identified in literature
WHIRLY3Identified in literature
WRKY72TAIR Web site
ZF-HD15Identified in literature