Table III.

EST tissue distributiona of CAZyme-encoding genes involved in major pathways of carbohydrate synthesis/metabolism

Cam Reg, Cambial region; Dor Cam, dormant cambium; Act Cam, active cambium; Dor Bud, dormant bud; Flw, male and female mature flowers.

GenesDor CambAct CambCam RegTWWCDBarkRootYoung LeafMature LeafLeaf ColdPetioleSAMbAct BudDor BudMale FlwFem FlwSeed
SUS, GT439218414231202624157
SPS, GT422021011310101000
Invertase, GH32 and GH10012041343310115731
Starch synthesis1720301060436210050
Callose synthases, CAS, GT4832305121102200010
Secondary wall CesAs, GT20092417001000000000
Other CesAs, GT212340201220301220
KOR-like cellulases, GH9013228101003110011
ELP1-like, GH190116202003011021000
CSLD, GT200001002000000001
Other cellulases, GH904250012001230220
CSLA, GT201112101001210002
Galactomannan α-1,6-galactosyl transferases, GAT, GT3400010000000000000
Xylanase PttXyn10A, GH1000101000000000000
Xylan glucuronate transferase, Fra8-like, GT4700321000000000000
Mannanases, GH500301000002000210
Xyloglucan α-1,6-xylosyltrasnferases XT, GT3400101000000000100
RGP1, GT7511000300121011210
Xyloglucan galactosyltransferase, GAT, subfamily A, GT4710000000000000000
XTH subfamily 3, GH1600041102102002210
XTH subfamilies 1 and 2, GH166138801093117156903733
QUA1-like, GT801110000000000010
β-Glucuronyltransferase, GUT, GT47004144010011010040
RG II xylosyltransferase, XT, GT7702111110200200001
Pectate lyases, PL12120150115005400130
RG II lyases, PL400151000001000000
Polygalacturonases, GH28213861512113111110
Pectin acetylesterases, CE1313270225328100310
Pectin methylesterase, CE82845253101681307101
  • a Numbers of clones in each EST library.

  • b Libraries constructed from amplified cDNA, not directly comparable to other libraries but comparable to each other and internally.