Table II.

Output from Tomato Analyzer for select phenotypic traits on a variety of fruit

Images of these fruit appear in Figure 6.

FruitFruit Shape Index IaAreaDistal End Angle, 5%bDistal End Angle, 20%bObovoidcTriangle, 10%d
A, butternut squash1.67122.8190800.990.60
B, yellow squash3.5553.072220.780.99
C, large jalapeno2.0470.5834802.21
D, banana pepper4.0025.1281202.04
E, chili pepper2.5112.0471702.75
F, jalapeno2.0418.5983501.71
G, grape0.982.416810301.28
H, strawberry1.1313.91588701.43
I, Bartlett pear1.1246.62281250.730.59
  • a Fruit shape index I was measured as the ratio of the maximum height of the fruit to the maximum width.

  • b Distal end angle was measured as the slope of two lines that were drawn at 5% or 20% distance, respectively, along boundary from the tip of the fruit.

  • c Obovoid is a measure of pear shape.

  • d Triangle, was measured as the ratio of the width 10% of the height from the proximal end of the fruit to the width 10% from the distal end of the fruit.