Table II.

Overview of the normalized expression values of genes that encode for proteins involved in redox regulation with changed expression after feeding 5 mm DTT for 1 h

The average log2[ratio] and its P value are calculated using the AffylmGUI software package from Bioconductor. Raw data can be found in Supplemental Table III. Log2[ratio], log2 transformed value of the ratio between DTT treatment and control; AGI, Arabidopsis Genome Initiative.

ATH1 Codelog2[ratio]P ValueAGI CodeGene Description
Replica 1Replica 2Average
259757_at2.26071.07651.66870.161At1g77510Protein disulfide isomerase similar to disulfide isomerase precursor
261167_at2.36810.75271.56050.063At1g04980Thioredoxin family protein, protein disulfide isomerase
262504_at1.58340.75661.17000.214At1g21750Protein disulfide isomerase
251196_at0.78720.84150.81440.331At3g62950Glutaredoxin family protein (thioltransferase)
256922_at0.84580.41280.62930.156At3g19010Hypothetical protein contains similarity to flavonol synthase
265067_at0.92040.29610.60830.732At1g03850Glutaredoxin family protein (thioltransferase)
251840_at0.92030.24910.58480.282At3g54960Thioredoxin family protein similar to protein disulfide isomerase
258665_at0.75860.38450.57160.341At3g08710Thioredoxin family protein similar to thioredoxin H type
245504_at0.49070.52910.50990.204At4g15660Glutaredoxin family protein (thioltransferase)