Table I.

Developmental stages of fifth and sixth rosette leaves harvested for natural leaf senescence (NS)

DAS, Days after sowing; w, week; y, percentage of yellow surface.

StageDASDescriptionPrinciple GrowthaStagea
4w28Rapid expansion, sink leafRosette growth3.50–3.70
5w35Fully expanded, sink-to-source transitionFlower production6.00–6.10
6w42Fully expanded, source leafFlower production6.10–6.30
25y48–50Early senescence, approximately 25% yellow surfaceFlower production6.30–6.50
50y50–53Mid-senescence, approximately 50% yellow surfaceFlower production6.50–6.90
75y52–56Late senescence, approximately 75% yellow surfaceSilique ripening6.90–8.00
  • a Developmental stages according to Boyes et al. (2001).