Table II.

List of figures and tables

Supp., Supplemental.

Table IDescription of natural senescence leaf material
Table IIThis table
Table IIIExpression profiles of SAGs
Table IVPlant specificity of senescence-regulated genes
Figure 1A, Sets of genes regulated during NS, DIS, and DET; B, MIPS functional categories
Figure 2TP families with biased frequencies of up- or down-regulated genes
Figure 3RLK families with biased frequencies of up- or down-regulated genes
Figure 4Expression profiles of selected ATG genes
Figure 5Expression profiles of selected CK-related genes
Figure 6Expression profiles of selected JA-related genes
Figure 7Expression profiles of selected GA- and BR-related genes
Supp. Table I10,127 genes with structural, functional, classification, and other tags
Supp. Table IIRelative expression values of 21,500 genes on the Agilent Arabidopsis 2 microarray
Supp. Table III4,109 genes regulated during NS, DIS, or DET with tags
Supp. Table IV1,063 putative TPs
Supp. Table VRelative expression values of regulated TPs
Supp. Table VI986 putative kinases and RLKs
Supp. Table VIIRelative expression values of regulated kinases and RLKs
Supp. Table VIII2,996 PS genes and 2,391 genes found in AO on the microarray
Supp. Table IXATG genes
Supp. Table XCK-related genes
Supp. Table XIJA-related genes
Supp. Table XIISA-related genes
Supp. Table XIIIET-related genes
Supp. Table XIVAuxin-related genes
Supp. Table XVGA-related genes
Supp. Table XVIBR-related genes
Supp. Table XVIIABA-related genes
Supp. Figure 1k-means clustering of genes regulated during senescence
Supp. Figure 2Expression profiles of senescence-associated ATG genes
Supp. Figure 3Expression profiles of senescence-associated JA-related genes
Supp. Figure 4Expression profiles of senescence-associated SA-related genes
Supp. Figure 5Expression profiles of senescence-associated SA-responsive genes
Supp. Figure 6Expression profiles of senescence-associated ET-related genes
Supp. Figure 7Expression profiles of senescence-associated JA- and ET-responsive genes
Supp. Figure 8Expression profiles of senescence-associated auxin-related genes
Supp. Figure 9Expression profiles of senescence-associated auxin-signaling genes
Supp. Figure 10Expression profiles of senescence-associated ABA-related genes