Table III.

T-DNA insertion sites in the nfd1 to nfd6 mutants

ND, Not determined.

MutantGene IDaPredicted IdentityPredicted LocalizationbGene Insertion SiteLeft-Border PositionRight-Border Position
nfd1At4g3092550S ribosomal subunit L21MitochondriaIntron 1AGI 15051022AGI 15051159
nfd2At1g24450Ribonuclease III domainSecretory pathwayPromoterAGI 8664098ND
nfd3At1g3181730S ribosomal subunit S11MitochondriaIntron 1AGI 11416137ND
nfd4At1g31470Nodulin relatedMitochondriaExon 2AGI 11263904c
AGI 11263882c
nfd5At1g19520NoneMitochondriaExon 1AGI 6759897AGI 6759964
nfd6At2g20585NoneChloroplast or mitochondriaExon 1AGI 8872213AGI 8872234
  • a MIPS database.

  • b Based on TargetP.

  • c T-DNA associated with nfd4 has two left borders.